Bunker restorations

We evaluate your bunkers ability to drain, helping you avoid maintenance costs and member dissatisfaction. Our crews will remove existing sand, install drainage and new liner systems. We partner with Waupaca Sand.

Masonry restoration & installation

Stonework surrounding entertaining spaces—dining patios, stone staircases, cart path bridges—are a speciality of our experienced masonry team.

Bunker edge redefining

We offer this as a routine maintenance item and also as a 1-time service. We’ll redefine the curve of your bunkers to improve the aesthetics of your course. 

Pedestrian walkways

Based on your specific needs, we’ll reset pavers that have set on cart paths, or replace asphalt areas with new pavers for a quick, eye-catching upgrade. 

Bunker top dressing

We partner with Waupaca Sand and use the John Deere TruFinish 1220 Bunker Rake to bring your bunkers back up to where they need to be. A quick and cost-effective fix your members will appreciate. 

Embankment stabilization

Stabilizing slopes adjacent water features or wetlands improves the playability of your course and saves you money down the road. Using gravel or plant material, this service helps prevent soil erosion that can clog wetland streams.

Drainage design and installation

After identifying low spots that hold water after rain events, we design and install pipe systems to improve turf quality. French drains, solid PVC, catch basins.

Outdoor terrace design/build

World-class cigar lounge. Enough said? We’ll build you one that will have your members telling their friends and colleagues.

Tee box restoration and development

We’ll grade your tee boxes so they are flat, firm the edges, and add seed to fill out turf. 

Fairway aeration

We use specialized equipment designed for golf course fairways—including the Widenmann Terra Spike XF, this quick and cost-effective process will improve your turf conditions.

Cart path restoration

With your budget in mind, we evaluate and recommend repair/replace using decomposed granite.

Retaining walls

Many factors can influence the lifespan of both timber and masonry structures. Our experts will evaluate the condition of your retaining walls and recommend repairs based on your budget.



Where a club stands and where you are looking to go is key. Your account rep will do the work to understand your needs and your budget to get you the best value. Your project manager will make sure your plan is implemented with our goal of exceeding your expectations. 


Premier uses machines specifically made for golf course renovations. Our operations staff crafts and oversees all processes to help our crews operate effectively and efficiently. 


Companies devoted solely to golf courses have long wait lists. We can get you on our schedule within months, not years. 

Select clients

Cary Country Club (Cary, IL)  — bunker renovation

Lincolnshire Country Club (Crete, IL) — bunker renovation

Naperville Country Club (Naperville, IL) — clubhouse hardscape renovation,
fire pit lounge, irrigation, lighting, plantings

Chick Evans Golf Course (Morton Grove, IL) — bridge reconstruction

Blacksheep Golf Club (Sugar Grove, IL)

We’d love the chance to improve your course. Give us a sec and we’ll get you a free quote.




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